Saturday, 28 August 2010

Here's the card I've just made for my sister.  We both 'love' (that's a joke!) ironing.  Several years ago I cross stitched an ironing fairy for her - sadly her dream didn't come true as the fairy did not come to life and do the job for her, lol.  So this time I've made a card which I hope will help her along - especially with a glass of vino to hand!   Once again it is a La Pashe Flippin' Women, but with the larger size there was no backing sheet.  Scratch, scratch - what to do - then an idea.  I opened up the Rustico kit which is a freebie from Jaelop Designs and found the window.  Then set to work and made a scrapbook page of a room with a view, so she can enjoy the butterflies in the wood whilst doing the ironing.  Maybe she will want to iron more often!!   Yeah, right!

Enjoy browsing - see you soon peeps . . . . . .
Hi everyone.  Been so busy lately, just haven't had time to update the blog.  Being school holidays we have been looking after some of our grandchildren while their parents were at work.  I've managed to make some greeting cards here and there and I am especially pleased with the one I made for my daughter's birthday earlier this month.  Couldn't post it before as she looks at my blog!  I made it using the Le Pashe Flippin Women cards.  My daughter, like me, is a keen crafter and this design was just made for her.  As well as making the basic card I added a lot of bits and pieces and made her craft 'room' almost as messy as mine!  Here are two views of the cards.

More to come with the card I've just made for my sister . . . . . .

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Where do the days go to?  Had visitors for a few days and blogging goes out of the window then.  I made this page yesterday of my two daughters when they were little (oh, was it really that long ago??).  Even their children are older than this now.  The photo was taken when the eldest was as primary school. We were invited to take younger siblings along for the photo-shoot and my youngest daughter was a little overwhelmed by all the attention.  My all time fav pic of the two of them. 

Still busy practicing with the CraftRobo - getting there and will eventually upload something else.  Been checking out some of the blogs I love - there are some great goodies to be had if you take a look.  Just click on some of the links below to have a peek.

Happy crafting - be back soon.