Friday, 31 August 2012

Along with sewing for my holiday I am still making dresses for girls-around-the-world.  I have recently heard of a charity that wants help making wiggly-bags.  These are little bags to hold hickman lines for children in hospital.  is the site to check out if you are able to help in this very worthy cause.
Team GB Paralympics are off to a good start - well done everyone.  I think these athletes are quite incredible - not only are they fantastic at their chosen sport, they have had huge difficulties to surmount to reach the peak of their ambitions.  Every one of the 4,000 plus men and women from around the world deserve medals to my way of thinking.  And wasn't the opening ceremony terrific too?
Been busy these last few weeks - helping out with the grandchildren during the long school holidays.  And sewing like mad so I can have a few new things to take on holiday soon.  Also been trying to lose a bit of weight, so those new outfits fit!  

 A friend saw the iPad pouch I had made and asked if I'd make one for her - finished it a few days ago and she is happy with it (thank goodness lol)  I enjoyed making it, but not sure I will do another one.  Having enough material left I made a patchwork cushion cover to match.  

         Front views below.